About Us


North Fork Farm is a small family cattle farm located in the mountains of western North Carolina. Cattle have always been a part of our lives, and we pride ourselves in having the highest quality of beef available. Our cattle are raised without added hormones or antibiotics. We believe pasture feeding with some all natural grain, makes just the right flavor in beef. We are licensed to sell beef, pork and chicken by the state of North Carolina. We are very pleased to provide our friends, neighbors, family and you with great quality of meats.

We offer vacuum packed frozen beef, pork and chicken for sale on our farm. Also available is custom cut to order 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef or half or whole hog. Our cattle are left out on pasture and given some natural quality feed, for just the right flavor. Our cattle are raised on pasture, and not confined in a feed lot.


Our hogs are provided to us by, Mr. Rudy Looper and his brother, Mr. John Looper.    They are a local centennial generation farm in Granite Falls, NC.  They are a hard working family, who are very dedicated to producing a healthy hog. They strive for the best quality of pork available.  We are very thankful for the working relationship with this family and farm!
IMG_0902Mr. John Looper and Jimmy Greene

We offer boneless skinless chicken breasts and tenders from a variety of chicken farms located in North Carolina also. All our meats, of course, are raised without added hormones, antibiotics or preservatives! We have been blessed to have available these premium meats for our family and yours!


When you choose North  Fork Farm local  meats,  you’re supporting North  Carolina family farmers and  their rural  communities.  We offer local meats with  sustainable farming. We  know that when  you do the  right things you get the  right results. For us that  means our passion for  every detail brings you the  finest tasting meats at a reasonable price.

We would like to thank our customers for their kind words and for purchasing their meat from  us.  We have been very blessed to have met some wonderful people through our business and  look forward to meeting many more.



Company History

Our farm was started in 1993. We are a family operation which consists of Jimmy, Sheila and our son Seth Greene. We were born and raised here in the High Country of Western North Carolina, where we call home. We thank the Lord for blessing us with our farm and the opportunity to sell our meats to wonderful people whom we call our friends.

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